Starbucks font

Ever wondered which font is our beloved Starbucks using in corporate communication or on advertising products?

What is the starbucks font?
Meet Clarendon, nice looking serif font, which is used just everywhere, where Starbucks is.

If you want to make such a nice looking menu as Starbucks, consider downloading Clarendon, but it’s not free, Clarendon costs 30 bucks, so for 5 cup of coffees, you’ll get piece of Starbucks culture… 🙂

Clarendon Starbucks font

5 thoughts on “Starbucks font”

  1. Thanks for identifying the font. Just want to add that you don’t have to pay for it, though, if you have Microsoft Word, etc. installed on your home or office PC.
    Clarendon is included among those in the pull-down font menu.

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